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Asset Management


Jacobs Principals have over 30 years of investing and diverse operating experience in all types of real estate assets. Jacobs Real Estate Advisors current real estate portfolio has over $200 million under management, with performing assets in all type of markets. From the boroughs of New York to the Midwest Jacobs assets have outperformed the market.

Proven Track Record

Since 2001, Jacobs and its principals have realized average IRR’s of over 25% and an equity multiple of 2.5x through multiple real estate cycles. Jacobs Real Estate Advisors has a disciplined investment and risk management strategies that result in noteworthy risk adjusted returns.

Hands on Approach

As a fully integrated real estate firm Jacobs Real Estate Advisors performs asset and property management for its diverse portfolio. Our seasoned leaders and committed employees bring both institutional and entrepreneurial backgrounds to the team. Jacobs Real Estate Advisors utilizes a creative and entrepreneurial approach to ensure our value added philosophy is realized. We take our innovative perspective to all aspects of the real estate business ensuring we add value where others have overlooked.

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