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Jacobs Real Estate Advisors professional team are experts in real estate and market risks. Measuring the risk of an investment our underwriting team ensures that both Jacobs and its investors  makes smart financial decisions that will contribute to the overall profitability of the business. Our underwriting team are experts on investigating business to business relationships, ensuring that all Jacobs partners are professional and trustworthy.  All relationships Jacobs Real Estate Advisors enters into have a long-term effect on our business and our underwriting staff takes their commitment to the company very seriously.

Jacob measures the potential losses and gains carefully. Utilizing quality information and property specific data our team ensures the viability of all transaction. Jacobs is a leader when it comes to real estate and equity structures. Our hands-on approach extends throughout all aspects of our firm as our underwriters are involved in financial analysis to the physical property inspections, ensuring that no aspects of the commercial property are missed in the underwriting analysis.

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